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What is Road Force Balancing?

Wheels are spun at high speed as a pressure roller is applied to mimock your vehicle’s weight.

Road force balancing is sometimes called ‘ride matching’ and is the most effective way to eliminate any vibrations caused by out of balance tyres.

This process is common when fitting low-profile or high-performance tyres to your vehicle as the results can be extremely accurate. Road force balancing uses a roller pressed hard into the tyre simulating the weight of the vehicle while pressing the tyre into the road.

The benefits of road force balancing:

  • Eliminating vibrations
  • Correct way to balance high-performance tyres
  • Maximising the lifespan of your tyres
  • The same level of OEM fitments
  • Identifies drift or pull
  • Improves handling
  • Cuts down on balancing time (possibly spent waiting in tyre shop)

While this process might be overkill for some vehicles, a great deal of cars would certainly benefit from road force balancing by resolving any vibrations at high speeds that can only be achieved with Road Force Balancing.

When fitting high-performance or low profile tyres to your vehicle it's recommended that a RFB be performed. This will ensure that the tyre is perfectly balanced at high speeds and under load or the weight of the vehicle with little to no side pull.

After the wheels have been balanced, small weights are added to the areas picked up by the highly sensitive computer and balanced out correctly. The wheels are then placed back onto the vehicle and you can be assured that there should be no vibrations felt through the steering wheel.

But what causes these vibrations?

Typically beyond 65kmph is when you start to feel out-of-balancing issues and vibrations while sitting in the driver’s or passenger seats of a vehicle. Occasionally you may feel vibrations at high-speeds through the brake pedal. This can mean that the issue may lie with aligning the brake rotors and a possible service may be required.

Bibra Lake Tyrepower specialises in tyre and wheel balancing and has the latest in Road Force Balancing technology. It is important to have your balancing done by a professional tyre expert and there is no better than Bibra Lake Tyrepower.

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