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Western Australia's’ Latest Recycling Facility

A machine processing old tyres into crumbs.Over 90% of the material from old tyres can be reclaimed and reused.

Rockingham's new tyre recycling facility open!

Western Australia is stepping up its environmental responsibilities with the opening of a state-of-the-art tyre recycling facility in East Rockingham. This new facility is spearheaded by Tyrecycle, and will be pivotal in ensuring that old tyre and rubber products can be processed and reused locally.

The project was supported by a $5.2 million co-investment from the Australian and Western Australian Governments, with Tyrecycle contributing $9.6 million.

It boasts the capacity to process a substantial 42,000 tonnes of tyres a year, converting them into useful products such as crumbed rubber for roads and playgrounds.

The new facility in East Rockingham will double Western Australia's capacity for crumbed rubber production, with ex-tyre material being processed into rubber chips, granules and powders.

How big is the problem of old tyres?

In 2022, the equivalent of 68 million passenger car tyres were taken off vehicles across the country.

While over 95% of the materials in old tyres can be salvaged and repurposed, Australia has a long way to go with ensuring as many tyres as possible are turned in to responsible tyre recycling programs such as the Tyre Stewardship Australia, with just 52% of tyres making their way to recycling centers across the country.

This initiative to improve local recycling programs not only addresses the growing issue of tyre waste in Australia but will also help stimulate the local economy by creating job opportunities.

What are old tyres good for anyway?

Even though your old tyres might have worn out tread or suffered some kind of damage that means that needed to be replaced, they still contain valuable material such as rubber, steel and other textiles that can be extracted and reused. By far the largest resource that can be gained from old tyres is the rubber. Which can be processed in various different ways to suit the application.

  • Crumbed Rubber is being used in various projects in WA as part of = road construction and playground surfaces for added durability and safety.
  • Rubber Mulch is a product used in landscaping and gardening as a long-lasting, low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing ground cover.
  • Rubber Mats are often created with recycled materials are used in various industrial and commercial settings for anti-fatigue and safety flooring.
  • Shredded rubber can be mixed with other compounds to create products like insulation, roofing materials, and soundproofing panels.
  • Athletic tracks and artificial turfs provides cushioning and resilience for sports surfaces and are often made of a significant percentage of recycled materials.
  • Shredded rubber is processed in special furnaces that are used to power industrial processes. Typically, burning tyres in open-air results in lots of smoke and pollution, but high-end power generation plants have complex filtering and environmental protection systems to ensure clean operation.

Road paving equipment in operation.Road surfaces can be made with a percentage of recycled materials.

Where Can I Learn More?

You can find the original press release about the new tyre recycling facility here, on the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water website:

Western Australia's most advanced tyre recycling facility opens

Remember that by choosing a responsible tyre retailer such as your local Tyrepower store, you can rest assured that you’re doing your part to help the environment. Tyrepower stores across the country are partnered with tyre recycling programs, such as the Tyre Stewardship Australia, whose goal is to ensure the success of local recycling initiatives.

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